Processed cheese bars

Processed cheese bars 100g

It is the oldest and most popular form of processed cheese. For decades, it was a certain source of protein, calcium and phosphorus for the faithful customers. Carefully picked raw materials in the process of pasteurization and packaging while hot, ensure high quality and durability of the product. Processed cheese in bars has a distinctive and well readable oval labels.

Processed cheese bars 50g

This is another offer of Lactima company in the range of processed cheese in bars. Known and appreciated in the world of cheese flavors –
Gouda, Emmental and Edam. An important advantage of this product is an a neat, small and disposable packaging with an easy opening. A special advantage of this product is a small portion through which you can avoid storing the product after opening. The portion is optimal for a single use.

Processed cheese bars 50 g

Processed cheese bars Gouda, Emmentaler and Edam are wrapped in a comfortable, practical package which protects the product during storage. Three small delicious portions in a single package are optimal for a single use.

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