Processed cheese alternative with vegetable fat slices

Lactima offers cheese alternative slices in a variety of flavors.

Processed cheese with vegetable fat slices are economical alternative for processed cheese slices where part of the milk fats were substituted by vegetable oils. The nice taste and economical price makes this product a very good proposition for costumers who looks for cheap but tasteful and quality products.

Processed cheese with vegetable fat slices 100g and 162,5g

Each slice of cheese is individually wrapped in plastic foil, which is a great help in preparing sandwiches at home, as well as outdoors. Slices can also be used to prepare toasts and snacks. Packaging of the slices is designed to allow multiple opening and closing, which helps you to extend freshness of the product. Excellent taste and high nutritional values of the slices make the local as well as foreign consumers buy them for many years.  Slices are available in flavours: Snack, Sandwich, Toast, Burger.

Processed cheese with vegetable fat slices Toast 600g Catering

This product is mainly targeted to customers looking for products in large packages for catering. Big packaging and freshness for a long time along with the attractive price and well-known brand of Lactima, certainly makes this product gain recognition among many customers.

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