Cheddar SOS, processed cheese 1050g
Cheddar processed cheese 1050g, “Slice on Slice”.  A new product in the Lactima brand offer. Especially directed to the HoReCa
It`s Time for new sandwiches!
    We are about to launch a new campaign of LACTIMA sliced ​​cheeses. The action will be conducted on
Tzatziki cheese dip
      At the opening of the grill season, we have a novelty for our consumers – the Tzatziki
LACTIMA cheese dips
Dip is a great addition to any crunchy snacks. It tastes best with nachos, chips, crackers. It can be an
New packaging – processed cheese spreads in LACTIMA cups
    LACTIMA continues to refresh the image of all its products. This month, products in cups are being added