Butter, margarine and mixed fat spread

Butter Ekstra 10g / 15g

Butter Extra is a fresh butter, produced in dairy plants with certificates confirming the highest quality and packed in packages suitable for catering. The whole production process is consistent with the principles of PN – EN ISO 9001: 2001 and BS – EN ISO 22000: 2006, which guarantee the high quality of the product. An important feature of small portions of butter is the property of rapid thawing. In 15 minutes after removing from the freezer, the butter becomes spreadable.

Margarine 10g / 15g

Those who don’t like animal fat, may choose our margarine “Słoneczna” (Solar) in hermetic 10g or 15g packages. It has excellent taste and perfect spread-ability even when you take it right from the refrigerator. Small, disposable packages are very convenient for the hotel restaurants, canteens, boarding houses, or wherever the quick and efficient service is important.

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