About company

Lactima – processed cheese manufacturer from Poland

Our history

Lactima Ltd established in 1989, started processed cheese production in 1992 in modern production plant in Morąg in northern Poland. Lactima Ltd emphasizes superior quality and work to provide the customers with the products they expect and systematic development of a leading position in the market.  The location of the company in Warmia and Mazury region makes it possible to produce ecologically clean food.

Lactima Ltd specializes in melted spread cheese production. As the first in Poland it has started the production of processed cheese in slices, basing on the most modern technology and equipment. The product line includes: sliced processed cheese, processed cheese – rings, processed cheese – bars in standard and Premium range, cream for spread – Cremetta. All groups of products are manufactured in different flavors. Our novelty are products of Exclussive line which are high quality value cheese spreads, produced according to the most modern technology on the basis of carefully well-chosen raw materials of the Polish origin. You can download all our products data using the following link:

Lactima processed cheese product specifications_28.03.2013

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality Policy

Lactima confections butter and margarine in single, vacuum pouches (10 g and 15g), which guarantee high quality of long-term storage of products. The company take care of the high quality of production in accordance with quality management systems ISO 9001 : 2009 and ISO 22000 : 2006 (HACCP) which clearly shows that main actions and development strategies focus on the clients and quality.

Lactima Ltd is approved for producing food according to the Islam religion – Halal.
Lactima continuously develops its important market position in Poland, in Central and Eastern Europe and in Africa.